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About  Lennon KC 
Singer-Songwriter, self-taught, 23 years playing earthbound - LKC brings a unique sonic style that blends his childhood songwriter influences like Jack Johnson with the modern grooves akin to Dominic Fike, or Bruno Major.

Based in the Triangle of North Carolina, a UNC Chapel Hill graduate - LKC was immersed in music from birth, having grown up in a family of music lovers. Where most families plan trips to theme parks...LKC's parents took him to concerts that helped shape his love of music.

Today, Lennon KC can be found touring North Carolina. Having gained incredible momentum and following on social media, building a following of over 20 thousand with almost 1MM likes over the past year, LKC is sure to bring a crowd! 

"There is one place LennonKC was born to be, front and center of that stage."

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